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Intelligent Shopping List

The Eddi Nez Shopping List is a project I did in 2019 as a submission for the EDEKA Smart Shopping-list Competition. It was one of the most exhausting projects, I have ever done, because I made it entirely with Javascript, IndexDB and HTML instead of PHP and MySQL, which would have been VERY easy, since the project involves a huge amount of data and computing speed. I used JS, IndexDB and HTML because I wanted the project to also work Offline, that way it could even be turned to an Hybrid Mobile App, which I ever made up my mind to make it an App. I also did not find out about the competition, until I recieved the ad on my Instagram few days to the end of the competition about one week, so I had to mix up working, studying and writing a completely JS based code at the same time. WTF?! The longer descriptive version of this post is here

Below is the original, file I submitted along. I will probably release the codes on my github soon.

## INEZ - Smart Shopping List
To keep this program as small as possible and to improve efficiency,
this program *only* corrects food products because it was made for Edeka,
where mainly food is sold. This program should also work offline,
since it was built on Javascript. This program was written in just 2 days,
the data used was collected and analyzed in 3 days.
I've only been able to spend 4 hours a day with it, because I work and study at the same time, but I can count on the program to run really well.
This README file is written as Markdown .md, for optimal readability, please use a markdown reader. Because this program was written to Javascript, its speed and efficiency can be influenced by the computer used for testing. With PHP and a good server, parsing should take much less than 1 second. With Javascript it can take up to exactly one second or less - this influence depends on the computer. Due to the fact that I did not have that much time, a few norms were neglected, for example user input verification, but they should not be a major problem because the data does not end up on any server.

**Before you start reading**
Qualifier and quantity description are words that describe a quantity better, for example Kg, liter, glass, bottle

1. Auto-correction
2. Autosuggest
3. Long term Saving
4. Replace with synonyms

**To run the program,**
1. Upload the whole files to a server,
2. start index.html

## Creation and data models
Unfortunately, there is no public API for food.
To create this program and get the necessary data,
1. I created a crawler
2. Crawled about 300 pages on
3. all ingredients according to recipe
4. extracted with regular expressions qualifications.
5. And write a lot of products with my hands

## Algorithms
The intelligent shopping list works with many algorithms.
Visit the links to learn more.

**The algorithm i wrote*
1. The algorithm for recognizing qualifiers
2. The algorithm for parsing products from sentences

1. The auto-correction algorithm of Norvig,
2. Autocorrection algorithm of Willsen
3. Dexi Computer Bots and Spiders
4. the Dexie database storage plugin (
5. Jquery - for frontend editing
6. Logo from PlaceIt

## working step
The program works mainly in 4 steps
1. It checks the Sentence written bz the user
a) Is the shopping article written in the normal form?
50 kg of rice
b) is the article in a tailored form without a space
50 liters of water
c) Absolute form without quantity description
50 bananas

2. checks the qualifier (the quantity description)
a) Is the qualifier a valid and the right qualifier?
eg Kg must not be used for liquids
b) Is it written correctly?
for example, Kiolters instead of kiloliters

3. Checks the product and suggests the right qualifications
if incorrect e.g 1 kg of beans

4. Check synonyms
5. Display result
6. Wait for a confirmation from the user with a click
7. Store in the index database

## files
1. Autocorrect.Javascript
This file contains functions for the auto-correction algorithms
2. core.Javascript
This file contains Javascript functions for the frontend
3. css.css
Css styling file
4. dbcontroller.Javascript
Functions for saving and reading a purchase list
5. index.html
Frontend HTML
6. ingredient.Javascript
contains a collection of kitchen products
Declaration on the progress of the program
8. realdatalist.Javascript
List of some products and the right qualifier
9. synonym.Javascript
List of synonyms for specific products
10. libs /
Contains all public libraries like jquery, dexie and bootstrap.

You can test the code here at . By the way, Eddi Nez means EDeka INtelligentes Zettel – I had no better name. The program is however only compatible with german words and it is in german.

Here is a Google translated copy of the email, I recieved after my submission was reviewed by the team.

Hi Michael,

our partner company EDEKA DIGITAL and we really appreciated your submission for the Code Competition – “INEZ The intelligent shopping list.”
You’ve done you a lot of thoughts in your solution. The selection of winners and evaluation of the solutions is not easy EDEKA DIGITAL.
Unfortunately it was not enough this time for a place on the podium 🙁

Your rating:
Setup: 5
Basic functions: 7
Code Quality: 6
Documentation: 6
Features: 6
GUI: 5

The evaluation and your feedback has been created by the Department of EDEKA DIGITAL:
A really nice solution! Here are some points that we noticed in the evaluation and peculiarities represent your solution: – Web-based application JavaScript, HTML, CSS
– Database using your own crawler and manually completed data sets
– Instructions on how to launch the application was available
– data is stored locally in a IndexedDB
– Product and units are suggested after the user inputs a product
– Quantities are detected
– Add to shopping list
– Same types of products are recognized and added(case-sensitive)
-Quantity/Amounts of added articles can be changed later
– The code looks fine
– By using a framework or the MVC pattern, the application could be better structured and would be more scalable

Tip: Look at how we evaluated your solution:

We will shortly send a certificate for your participation.

Hopefully you had fun during the Code Competition, and it helped to improve your skills.
I very much hope to have you at the next Competitions back again, we shall, in any case, for exciting tasks. For example, the current Competition:

The results of the competition and the winners (and their solutions), will soon be introduced on our blog.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact me.

Greetings from Bielefeld
Your Team

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